Looking for examples of people blaming creationism on Richard Dawkins

PZ Myers recently did a post ridiculing the notion–promoted by Robert Wright–that it’s his fault and Richard Dawkins’ fault that the evolution-creation debate has become more politically charged “more politically charged, more acrimonious.” PZ’s smackdown is great, comparing Gallup’s timeline of belief in evolution in the US, along with dates of major court cases over evolution, with the dates of the founding of Pharyngula and the publication of The God Delusion.

It’s always great to see stupid arguments like that smacked down so solidly, but it got me thinking: I’ve heard people blame creationism on Dawkins way too many times. This isn’t just Robert Wright. Let’s spread the ridicule around, shall we? Who else has made ridiculous claims like that? (Some names are springing to mind, but links would be very helpful here.)

One example I can source off the top of my head is Alvin Plantinga’s book Where the Conflict Really Lies, my review of which I recently reposted. There, Plantinga has a section “Why Do People Doubt Evolution?” which puts all the blame on scientists, and doesn’t even consider the possibility that fundamentalist Christianity and Genesis might have something to do with it. This is appallingly dishonest because, as I show in my review, Plantinga had previously been quite clear about the conflict between the Bible and evolution, and even defended the reasonableness of young-earth creationism.

What else can people give me?

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