Message to everyone who came to this blog because of the DJ Grothe controversy

My post defending DJ Grothe is now, by a significant margin, the most-read post in the history of (this incarnation of) this blog. I have mixed feelings about this. I’m glad I said what I said and that so many people read it, but (while it’s not the first time I’ve done so) commenting on fights within the atheist community is not the reason I maintain this blog. What I’m really passionate about is shooting down bad arguments made by religious apologists.

To that end, I’d encourage people to read my many posts on William Lane Craig, such as the one titled “The creepy delusions of William Lane Craig.” Other posts in this vein include “When the people you’re trying to reach say stupid things” and “Questions for Bart Ehrman/Ehrman sort-of defends Christianity.” Though it strays slightly from my main areas of interest, I’m also quite proud of “The under-rated ‘famous violinist’ defense of abortion.”

I’m also trying to gather together my thoughts on these and related topics into a book format, tentatively titled Angry Atheists?: Why the Backlash Against Dawkins, Harris, and the Rest Is Silly. At that link you’ll find links to drafts of some of the chapters. Drafts of chapters two and three are crap, and were posted partly to punish myself for not having gotten more work done on them, but while the length of one and four might discourage some people, I’ve gotten a mostly positive response to them.

Also, FYI I generally try to post MTWTF, giving myself a break on the weekends. Though this coming week I may take off Tuesday and Wednesday Wednesday and Thursday, because I have random days off work those days and will likely be spending much of them with friends.

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