Mind uploading: a link to a bunch of more links to preprints of journal articles

Compiled by Ben Goertzel here, HT to Kaj Sotala on LessWrong. Posting this partly as a note to myself so I don’t lose the link, but may be of interest to other people here.

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  • http://disagreeableme.blogspot.co.uk Disagreeable Me

    This is a topic that interests me, not so much because of the technical possibility of effectual immortality but because of the questions it raises about personal identity.

    It would be interesting your thoughts on this subject.

    I’ve written a series of blog posts that deal with identity, and have outlined and justified my own perspective on this question and on related ones such as teleportation and perfect body and mind cloning.

    I don’t know whether you want to take a look, but I’d be honoured if you did.


    In particular, mind uploading is dealt with here


  • Louis Burke

    Where do you stand on mind uploading?