Most Americans don’t know the Bible very well

Reading the comments on this post, one thing occurred to me: the people with Libby Anne’s background can’t possibly be a very large portion of the US population, because surveys have consistently shown that most Americans just don’t know the Bible that well. For example, more than one survey has found that less than half of all Americans can name the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in case you were wondering.)

It’s a safe bet that if you can’t name the four gospels, you probably don’t know about Biblical commands to commit genocide, enslave people, and kill people for a huge number of crimes including gay sex and worshiping the wrong gods. And there are probably plenty of people who know the basics like the names of the Gospels but couldn’t tell you about the slavery and genocide and so on, since no one talks about those things.

Conclusion: even if many fundamentalists know the Bible extremely well, people who don’t know the Bible very well, and who could benefit from actually reading the thing, are the majority of the population, and that category probably includes many fundamentalists.

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