Sources documenting what the Catholic Church has (and has not) defrocked priests for?

Paul W. (OM) makes an excellent point in the previous thread:

I may be mistaken, but it’s my impression that the Catholic Church doesn’t “equate” ordaining women with child abuse, in practice—it still considers ordaining women far worse.

AIUI, priests or bishops involved in ordaining women, or who very publicly defend the practice, will lose their jobs, and may get excommunicated and/or defrocked.

But bishops involved in harboring pedophiles—which is to say, all of them up until recently, and most current ones—or who defend the Church’s pedophile-harboring policies, are not punished, and are sometimes rewarded, e.g., getting a cushy higher-status job at the Vatican, safe from prosecution, rather than being turned over to the police.

It seems clear to me that they only crack down on pedophile enablers to the bare minimum extent they think they absolutely have to, while mostly sheltering or even rewarding them, but they go after non-sexists and non-homophobes because they very much choose to.

And everybody in the organization knows it.

Who do they rebuke in a big way, and appoint overseers to control? Is it the bishops who systematically and criminally harbored pedophiles for decades, or is it the nuns who aren’t sexist and homophobic enough to suit them, and choose to help the poor and crazy irrelevant shit like that?

Anybody with half a clue knows that there’s no equating here—not even close—only a lame pretense of one. (As if equating wasn’t lame and horrendous enough in itself.)

Now: where are some good sources documenting what things the Catholic Church has, and has not, defrocked (or excommunicated) priests for in recent decades?

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