Freethought blogs is not home to not one, not two, not three, but four video bloggers! Namely, Thunderf00t, Zinnia Jones, Christina Rad, and Aaron Ra. This is apparently a huge deal. In fact, I’m a little embarrassed to be not previously aware of these people.

I am, um, just not much of a YouTube person. Reading is faster than listening (for me anyway), and I lack patience for even that, much less load times. But I should really probably fix that,  because there’s so much great stuff out there.

Case in point: Thunderf00t’s “Why Do People Laugh At Creationists?” videos. Did you know H2O is the second most common molecule in the universe? I didn’t know that. Until Thunderf00t.

Also, some of the videobloggers will also be doing regular blogging. Zinnia, for example, has a great post asking a question of Leah Libresco.

Other than that… can people give me advice on where to start watching these videos? Because I’m kinda lost. And wondering how weird I am for not being more into YouTube. Because it seems like I’m missing out on a ton of great stuff.

Harry Potter and the problem with genre deconstructions
Peter van Inwagen’s argument for Christianity
Arguments for the existence of something that sounds kind of like a god
Avoiding divorce doesn’t make you a traditionalist
  • michaeld

    Thunderf00ts why do people laugh at creationists is pretty good place to start for him. With AronRa might try foundations falsehoods of creationist or falsifying phylogeny series. I haven’t been paying as much attention to the other 2 hopefully some other people can give some ideas there.

  • Iamcuriousblue

    Youtube has a strong, wonderfully messy, and highly populist “atheist community”. (I put it in quotes, because the first thing many of the members would tell you is that “there is no atheist community!”) The level of discussion is not always as high-minded as many blogs, and there’s a strong culture of “pwnage” and takedown, though this can lead to some interesting arguments. While it’s as populist and argumentative as FTB, the thing I like about YT vs FTB is that in terms of opinion and ideology, it’s much more diverse – FTB blogs often (though obviously not always) fall into the narrowly ideological “militantly PC” camp, whereas Youtube being an open venue, gets a full range of political opinion. Which means a lot of idiots get their say, but also a lot of insightful individuals who might not normally have a place in the more politically correct parts of the blogosphere.

    Coughlan616 (aka Coughlan000), DLandonCole, xxxThePeachxxx, Anekantavad, and Stealthbadger are some other really good skeptic/atheist vloggers and I recommend checking them out. DLandonCole is a frequent sparring partner of Thunderf00t, BTW, and in my estimation, usually gets the better of TF as his analysis goes much deeper.

    Also, YouTube has is the home to several outstanding sex worker rights vloggers who I can’t recommend highly enough, including FeministWhore, Divinity33372, and YeOldeHeretic.

  • davidb

    I had come across all the Freethought Blogs vloggers before, and liked all their stuff. Slowly running through the whole of Thunderf00t’s creationist series now.

    Don’t underestimate the power of the cartoon on YT. One of the first free-thought YTers I came across uses not very well drawn cartoons to make his points – NonStampCollector. Well worth checking out.

    Not such an overt atheist, but very funny to my mind, is the cartoon maker Some Grey Bloke. If you search YT for ‘Some Grey Bloke religion’ you’ll find some funny videos, but his views on Facebook and internet acronyms are worth seeking out too.

    There are even some YT Poes out there who can be quite entertaining. Edward Current posts as a dumb Christian destroying all atheist arguments, though he is neither dumb Christian nor destroys the arguments.

    David B

    • Chris Hallquist

      Very cool.

      Speaking of cartoons, I’ve also liked DarkMatter2525 a lot.

  • Zinnia

    I’ve put together a brief list of some of my (self-selected) best videos here, along with text versions for those who prefer reading.

  • jamesskaar

    i suggest truthsurge’s empty tomb series, i think that’s the name, been a while since i’ve looked. wildwoodclaire perhaps, she’s so very rude, in a cute way, but VERY informative on the matters of geology.