A note on my sources for Craig’s arguments

In writing my post series on Craig’s arguments, my main source for them is his book Reasonable Faith. My main reason for picking this book is it’s the only source I know of that has all of Craig’s arguments in one place. It’s also the book which I suspect people are most likely to have. If you want one book to look at to check if what I am saying about Craig is accurate, that’s the one you should pick up.

There are other places where Craig has defended his arguments at greater length, and I have read what he says in many of those places. But in my experience he’s still always making the same basic arguments, so what I say about the arguments in Reasonable Faith will apply to the arguments he makes elsewhere.  On the other hand, I will sometimes cite other sources than Reasonable Faith, both for Craig’s replies to criticisms of his arguments and for examples of his dishonesty. If you want to dig really deeply into Craig’s arguments, you may want to consult those other sources.

(In case you’re wondering, this post was written in response to things Andres Ruiz said here and here.)

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