Are you a postcast listener? Give me input on creating mine

Hey everybody, I’m planning soon-ish to start doing a podcast series based around me interviewing, well, whoever is both (a) someone I think would be interesting and (b) will agree to be interviewed. But I’m not a huge listener of podcasts, so I want people who are to give me input on how to do this.

My biggest questions are how to distribute it. I’m seriously ignorant about what ways people get their podcasts beyond “click the play on the webpage” and “right-click save as, listen to later.” I’ve heard about subscribing to podcasts on iTunes, but have no idea how to make a podcast available for that, and are there other ways people like to get their podcasts?

It would also probably not hurt to have a list of “don’ts.” That is, what things really annoy you about some podcasts that you hope I don’t do? And… honestly, I’m new to this business, I don’t even know what questions to ask. What say the readership?

ETA: My model for what I want to do with this is CFI’s Point of Inquiry and Luke Muehlhauser’s Conversations from the Pale Blue Dot. But the last time I listened to either was when Chris Mooney interview Greta for POI, and I don’t remember when I last listened to either before that.

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