Friday recap: arguments for the existence of God, Chris Mooney, and more!

I’m going to experiment with doing weekly recap posts. This is partly because I got more blogging done than usual this week, including four posts on Wednesday, and people not used to that may have missed some things. Are these worth doing? Let me know what you think. But without further ado:

First of all, this week I started a post series on arguments for the existence of God. It started out with There are no good arguments for the existence of God, where I explained what I’m going to be doing:

Over the next several weeks, I’ll be writing a series of posts which won’t give the patient account of the arguments for the existence of that many may feel entitled to. What I will do, though, is explain in as carefully as carefully as I can without boring anyone why I don’t think any arguments for the existence of God come anywhere close to being good.

The next post in the series was Bill O’Reilly’s argument for the existence of God, which with a little help from Reddit quickly became one of my most-viewed posts of all time. In it, I take down an argument O’Reilly has used when Richard Dawkins and David Silverman have come on his show, an argument that’s frustratingly popular among believers (including well-educated ones who should know better).

Also in the series was Arguments for something that sounds kind of like a god, which discusses among other things Nick Bostrom’s simulation argument, and Peter van Inwagen’s argument for Christianity, which deals with a prime example of dumb things said by someone who should know better. Related, though not originally planned to be part of the series, were posts where I asked what arguments are popular among liberal Christians and posted a video making fun of William Lane Craig’s moral argument.

I also wrote a post titled The strange case of Chris Mooney, where I explain how Mooney, “appeared to be arguing that atheists should be quiet about their ideas, but he was not honest about the fact that that is what he was arguing.” I then followed up with Did Chris Mooney have a point? where James Croft left a very welcome comment with links to a bunch of sciency stuff that I still need to read.

Currently, the most commented-on post of the week is Catholics: why aren’t you Protestant? where I point out that many of the reasons Catholics give for staying Catholic would be equally good reasons for being Protestant, which combined with the Catholic Church’s appalling crimes suggests many Catholics ought to be Protestants.

I’ve started occasionally posting pictures with cool messages I’ve found on Facebook. Pictures posted this week include one with a quote from Tim Minchin and another comparing God to an abusive boyfriend. I also posted one on why the Affordable Care Act is great, though with a note on why I’m still not voting for Obama.

Finally, for random pop culture fun (and life in Korea), there’s my post announcing “I just saw Amazing Spiderman not in 2D, not in 3D, but in 4D!”

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