God: kind of like an abusive boyfriend

Another great image I’m stealing from Facebook:

Of course, it isn’t literally true that God is like an abusive boyfriend. God doesn’t exist. It’s (some) religious leaders who are guilty of using the same tactics as abusers to keep their flock in line. Except they cover for themselves by saying, “oh no, it’s not me telling you these things, it’s God.”

  • RW Ahrens

    That’s just so freakishly accurate it’s almost funny. Almost…

  • Pierce R. Butler

    More like an abusive daddy…

  • Alverant

    My first job out of college was in Dubuque, IA working for the local paper. One day they had a story in their religion section about “god-fearing christians” and the writer did say it may sound like an abusive relationship … but it wasn’t. Except she never explained how it wasn’t. I even asked her and she never said anything. I guess she didn’t have an answer and I still don’t.

  • http://sinmantyx.wordpress.com M. A. Melby

    I had a LONG conversation with someone on the YOUTUBE and got him to admit that, if God were human, the way he interacts with humans would be abusive. If he were a parent, he would be an abusive parent. If her were a spouse, he would be an abusive spouse. So, I asked him – Why is this okay? The only answer I got was something to the effect of, “…well, because he is God and when other people act like God who aren’t God it is abusive.”

    I wish I copied that whole thing, there is NO WAY I can find it now. I can hope that our conversation made him think.

    From very early on, even when I was an extremely devote Christian, I didn’t understand the “love” and “fear” thing. One of my earliest memories is asking my Sunday school teacher who just said, “…and [some bible character] said he feared God”. And I asked, “Why should he fear God? That doesn’t make sense. He loves God. Why would you fear what you love?”

  • furtivezoog

    The graphic is just perfect.

    As a young believer I, too, tried to question the stated equivalency of “fear” and “love”. My (liberal Christian) mother tried to make the case but–perhaps especially because I had truly loving parents–I couldn’t accept it. Much later, I made the connection to abusive relationships through some PSA.

    • http://deusdiapente.blogspot.com J. Quinton

      I think it actually has to do with archaic language. In ancient Greek, the word phobos was used for both fear and awe. So “phobos tou theou” could be translated as either fear of god or awe of god.

  • GMM

    When I was a kid, I was really confused by “I am a jealous God.” Who did God have to be jealous of?

    • ‘Tis Himself

      Perhaps “jealous” is a mistranslation. Perhaps the word should be “egocentric” or “narcissistic.” According to the propaganda Yahweh demands worship and threatens eternal punishment if worship is not forthcoming or isn’t sincere enough. Also consider the popular concept of Heaven with choirs singing endless praise at Yahweh with him lapping it up. The guy has some real self-absorption problems.

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  • Lord Elmo Bringer Of Death


    That is good. It reminds me of Louie CK’s joke about how god is like a shitty girlfriend. I guess god can be analagous to anyone as long as they are an asshole…

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