Heina Dadabhoy’s “A Skeptic’s Guide to Islam” Kickstarter

I’ve never contributed to a Kickstarter project before, but I just decided to go ahead and contribute to Heina Dadabhoy’s “A Skeptic’s Guide to Islam” project. Heina is an ex-Muslim who writes for Skepchick and explains her project thus:

Ever since I started my Islam 101 posts here, readers have been asking me for a good source of (relatively) unbiased information on Islam. Indeed, since I began participating in the atheist and skeptical communities, people who find out that I come from a Muslim background are eager to ask me about Islam and want to know where they can learn more. I’ve been at a loss as to what I should recommend to them because, to be honest, one that fits my criteria for “good” doesn’t exist.

There are plenty of positive books about Islam by Muslims. There are many positive books on Islam by non-Muslims. There are more negative books on Islam by non-Muslims than you’d think there were. There are several books on Islam by ex-Muslims that are personal stories, written with the intention of debunking/exposing, and/or approached from a very academic perspective. There are a handful of critical books on Islam by progressive Muslims.

I intend to bridge the last two categories with my own point of view: I was an American Muslim born-and-raised believer until I left the religion for philosophical, rather than political, reasons. The book is not intended to particularly attack Islam, per se, but neither is it going to sugar-coat or ignore important issues related to Islam.

To all of you who have been writing in asking for a good source of moderately unbiased information on Islam, this is my answer: I’m going to have to write it. I’m going to release the outline/topics covered for the Guide soon, so if there’s something that you want me to cover, that will be your chance to ensure that it makes the cut.

Contributing $10 will get you a digital copy of the book when it’s completed, and contributing $25 will get you a print copy.

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