, Jill Stein, and Gary Johnson

There’s an interesting new online quiz website called that tells you which presidential candidate has positions most similar to your own. My results below the fold:

Well, I guess that settles which third-party candidate I’m voting for, given that I’ve resolved not to vote for Obama. Sort of–part of me figures if I’m going to do a third-party protest vote, it should be for the same third-party candidate everyone else is voting for, and Gary Johnson isn’t that far down on my match percentage (and he might be higher up if the damn website had had better questions on foreign policy and executive power).

In any case, I find it interesting that the difference in my percentages for Jill Stein (Green Party) and Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party) is greater than the difference in my percentages for Gary Johnson and Mitt Romney. Are Johnson and Romney that far apart, or is that a quirk of what issues I told the website were important to me?

  • Ned Champlain

    I sided with the President, Jill Stein finished a close 2nd. The closest Republican’t was Ron Paul. All my candidates finished under 90%.

  • khms

    Hmm. Not that it’s relevant, as I don’t get a vote anyway, but mine is .

  • khms

    … on the other hand, digging into what they consider “similar” (because I wanted to know what Ron Paul said to get 59%) I find I really distrust these results – they seem to think, for example, “free market, stop the government” is “similar” to “regulate the market”. Ouch!

    • troll

      Yeah, it’s a little sketchy in parts, and some of the extended responses act strangely. Or maybe I just misinterpreted some of the responses. It put me at odds with Jill Stein on the question about supporting Obamacare; I chose “Yes, institute a mandatory single payer system”, which I took to mean yes I support it, but single payer would be better. Maybe I was confused.

      Jill Stein was number one, with Obama & Alexander effectively tied for #2.

      But the most significant I learned from this exercise is that Jimmy McMillan is a complete nutbag.

  • sumdum

    I’m not american, but I did it out of curiosity anyway. Got Jill Stein too, with Obama second, and also Ron Paul as closest Republican. Decided to check the results for him, and it turns out he doesn’t accept the theory of evolution, doesn’t want increased gun control, doesn’t believe in affirmative action and wants to eliminate federal wage standards. I would so not vote for him if I were american.

  • Kevin

    I was actually surprised that I was 92% aligned with Obama, but not that surprised to find that I was only 12% aligned with Romney.

    I had never heard of Stein (nor any other third party candidate, to be fair) before the quiz. She was second.

    So it seems that her public policy positions are pretty close to Obama.

    Frankly, I found it incredibly sad that the first “science” question on the survey was whether I believed in the theory of evolution. Doesn’t matter whether or not you “believe” in it — any more than it matters whether or not you “believe” in gravity.

    • Chris Hallquist

      Yes, it matters whether you believe in evolution. Think of it this way: wouldn’t you be worried if Romney announced he didn’t believe in gravity? Yet last election we learned rejecting evolution is a requirement to be a remotely plausible Republican nominee.

  • anteprepro

    Obama, then Jill Stein (close to Obama), and then Stewart Alexander (a bit further away) for me. Got a 12% match with Romney, and only 50% or so with Gary Johnson.

  • Gretchen

    Are Johnson and Romney that far apart

    Well, let’s see…Johnson is opposed to the drug war, foreign occupation, and increasing the defense budget, and for a separation of church and state, abortion rights, and gay marriage, and Romney is….not. So yeah, I’d say there’s a pretty big difference!

  • Gretchen

    And while I don’t begrudge you voting for Gary Johnson, I do wonder about the justification. Who cares who is the third party candidate most people are voting for? Why wouldn’t you go with the person you actually agree with most?

  • Bronze Dog

    I got Jill Stein, with Obama second, and Gary Johnson third.

    I put down being against the Patriot act as one of my most important answers. Obama’s answer was listed as “Yes, but limit the government’s power,” which is pretty disingenuous from where I’m sitting. He’s been expanding executive power and making the government more opaque.

    Would have been nicer if the questions just gave you all the stances other than Yes/No instead of making you go through the extra click to look, and left an explicit option for don’t know/unsure.

  • M Groesbeck

    Sites like this seem to favor both the candidates who have more complete information entered and those who the quiz-writers can easily slot into the assumptions behind the questions they write (not to mention the political preferences of the quiz-writers themselves). In terms of actual platform, I’m closer to Stewart Alexander than Barack Obama; with the way the site is set up, though, it gives me Stein/Obama/Alexander.

  • Alan LaRue

    Mitt Romney’s answer on “do you believe in evolution?” was “yes, and I believe it is a part of Creationism.” That may be a position many Republicans hold, but which they are afraid to admit. Pretty gutsy for a Republican presidential candidate. I wonder if he’ll take any flak for it.

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