JT Eberhard: Why the arguments for god’s existence suck

Given the kick I’ve been on this week (and will continue to be on for another couple weeks at least) about arguments for the existence of God, this video of a talk JT Eberhard gave at the Madison Freethought Festival seems worth posting. JT is a great speaker, and the talk also includes great material on why these arguments are worth having. (Embedded video below the fold.)

  • grumpyoldfart

    Even before asking for evidence of god’s existence, I ask the theists to describe god (otherwise we won’t know what we are talking about).

    It’s not an easy task and, more often than not, the theists will eventually try to sidestep the issue by declaring that god is beyond the understanding of mere mortals (which means that they really don’t know what they are talking about after all!).

    Saves a lot of fart-arsing around.

    • Cephas Borg

      Indeed, grumpyoldfart. Or, worse, when you do ask them to describe their deity, they describe their idealised über-person, which is always different in every community, culture, or tribe, but in modern times boils down to a youthful, semi-bearded eurocaucasian in flowing robes and blue eyes. Which is, on its own, a refutation of any personal deity.

      I wonder what the people of the old world would say. Would they describe Jehovah, down to the beard and fiery eyes? Or just a generic thunder-flinger?

    • mandrellian

      I do wonder (and I do ask, when it comes up), if god is meant to be beyond the understanding of mere mortals, for what reason do mere mortals worship it, or even believe what it is purported to have said about anything? And how can they even claim to ‘know’ it exists when they’ve more or less just said it can’t be known? In my experience, they dislike that line of questioning enough to simply avoid it – or start chatting about personal revelation, which is evidentially equal to scripture IMHO.

  • andyman409

    contrast this with what mike licona said about atheism:

    “I think the historical evidence for Jesus’ resurrection destroys any probability atheism may have had of being true. Moreover, select, well-evidenced Near Death Experiences (NDEs), veridical apparitions, evidential miracles, and evidential cases of profoundly answered prayer strongly suggest that the world in which we live is far more compatible with theism than atheism.”


    such dribble only re-affirms my suspisions that christians will accept ANY evidence against naturalism as evidence for christianity. NO NO NO!!! this ignores the supernatural experiences of non-christians, and the massive evidence that such phenomena exists purely within the mind.

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