One more point about Feser

I left this out of my previous post on Feser, but it’s worth emphasizing: a central part of Feser’s shtick is talking about how horrible atheists are for not paying more attention to his beloved Aquinas. When Keith Parsons fails to pay enough attention to Aquinas, that’s part of “The brutal facts about Keith Parsons” (that’s the title of an actual post by Feser). But you’ll never hear him say the same thing about theistic philosophers like Plantinga or Swinburne, even though Plantinga and Swinburne pay hardly any more attention to Aquinas than atheist philosophers of religion do.

Oh, you’ll sometimes hear Feser make small complaints about Plantinga and Swinburne, but he never says about them the ridiculous things he regularly says about atheists. He clearly would like to have such better respected theistic philosophers as allies, and will say things like “I mean no disrespect to them,” when he shows plenty of disrespect towards atheists for behaving exactly the same way towards Aquinas. That’s why I call him a bigot: when he reacts wildly differently to theists and atheists for the same behavior, it’s clear he’s just looking for excuses to justify his hatred of atheists.

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