Richard Carrier on overpopulation, technology, and the Pope

I was reading an old essay by Richard Carrier, and stumbled accross this gem:

Of course, technology only works when you use it. Population growth is a serious environmental problem, for example, but we solved that one decades ago–people just refuse to use all the technologies we invented for the purpose, many because of superstitious voodoo beliefs promulgated by an uppity potentate who thinks he was chosen by God, others because of primitive stupidities opposing the liberation of women, still others because First World countries who ought to know better, can’t figure out that funding the sound use of technologies in Third World countries will actually benefit the First World countries more than amply to justify the cost. And so on. But these are all political failures, ideological failures. That’s where our focus should be, because it’s those things that are getting in our way, not technology. Similarly, the problems technology creates are largely the result of similar stupidities on the political and ideological stage. Technology must be used wisely to work. Thus increasing our wisdom is what we should focus on, not abandoning technology

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