Saint vs. scientist

From Common Sense Atheism:

  • StevoR

    Well a precious few people do know the name of the scientist on the right there. He is Norman Borlag or something very similar to that, correct?

    (Ashamed to admit I had to think hard and am still 100% sure of that.)

    Good poster.

    • StevoR

      Hmm .. should I have rot-13 coded that name for others to guess?

      Oops if so, apologies and feel free to edit to Abezna Obeynt insetad.

      • Chris Hallquist

        Lol, it wasn’t intended to be secret, it’s actually in the graphic in small print. But that would have been funny to make a puzzle out of it. This is colloquial use of “nobody” for “very few bodies.”

        • StevoR

          D’oh! Shows how observant I am I guess. (Blushes.) Yep, fair enough.

          Nb. Typo fix :

          (Ashamed to admit I had to think hard and am stillnot 100% sure of that.)

          was intended not what was typed. Got the spelling wrong too.

          It would be an interesting – albeit probably very depressing -excercise to showan unlabelled picture aroudn and see how many if any people out of say, a 100 or 1000, (etc) actually recognise him.

          Or any other scientist with the possible exceptions of Stephen Hawking, David Attenborough and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

  • Switchhttr

    Well I recognized Norman Borlaug, and I recognized him when Penn & Teller had his picture on that one episode of Penn & Teller’s Bullshit, but then I live a mile or two from his World Food Prize HQ.

  • Sarah

    Wow. You obviously didn’t look at the logical drubbing this post got in the comments at Common Sense Atheism for being nonsensical atheist cheerleading and a false comparison.

  • Stentor

    St Bernard of Corleone: 33,000 Google results
    Norman Borlaug: 607,000 Google results
    Borlaug may not be a household name, but he’s way more famous than some random saint.

    Also, Borlaug won the Nobel Peace Prize and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which is basically the secular equivalent of being canonized.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Borlaug basically found ways to turn petroleum into food (not directly, but by creating forms of agriculture heavily dependent on chemical fertilizers, irrigation, etc).

    Arguably, when the fossil fuels run low, the resulting famines will be much more extreme than they would have been without the “Green Revolution” which has brought our population to such unsustainable heights.

    Borlaug’s brains, hard work, and good intentions are, of course, much less to blame for this probable outcome than are the actions, sexism, and superstitions of those who blocked the “Contraceptive Revolution” which might have led us to long-term prosperity.

  • commodorewolf

    Norman Borlag and Batman are always in my corner in the who’s hero would win contest!

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