Tim Minchin: “I don’t know how to say that nicely, but…”

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  • wholething

    The vast majority of the world has contradictory beliefs, therefore, the vast majority is wrong. Somebody could be correct but they would be in the minority but everybody could be wrong.

    The best way to be correct is to agree with me but sometimes I change my mind.

  • machintelligence

    Another view:

    “There is no polite way to say ‘With all due respect, sir, have you considered the possibility that you have blighted your whole life with fantasy and are polluting the minds of defenseless children with dangerous nonsense.’” – Daniel Dennett

  • baal

    This also points up that we should also try for some politeness and equanimity when dealing with individuals. It’s a lot easier to dismiss us or continue to marginalize atheists if we can be painted as violent or anti-societal.

    For all Dennet get’s tarred as Horseman, he comes off as such a kind grandfatherly figure that smears don’t really work all that well against him. Tim M. has a similar skill via humor.

    Note that I’m not calling for wine and roses all around – just for personal interactions with individuals.

  • baal


    I could have been much more succinct and clear.

    “Don’t be your parody.”

    Isn’t that one of the huge problems with Worldnetdaily and Fox News? It’s difficult to parody them without parroting them. They are the worst versions of themselves already. Whatever else we’re up to, let’s not do that.

  • LeftSidePositive

    I feel just this way about telling privilege-blind skeptics YET AGAIN about the importance of feminism. You think we don’t tolerate other points of view? Well, guess what? We listened to your point of view–several times, in fact–and you’re still fucking WRONG. That “shouting down” and that “hivemind” and that “will not allow dissent,” dear affluent white male bigfoot-debunker, is just us telling you why we think you’re wrong. Really, how do you say that nicely?! If you had an argument you’d make it, instead of whining that we don’t give you the benefit of the doubt!