Weekend recap

This week, I continued my series on arguments for the existence of God. The most popular post this week was “Why atheists don’t think the Bible is historically reliable.” The series also included a post on Aquinas’ five ways and other classic arguments, as well as an aside on the connection between arguments for the existence of God and religious freedom.

While I don’t consider them part of the post series in general, I also wrote two posts on Ed Feser and his tendency to throw temper tantrums when other people don’t behave how he thinks they should. I also posted a video of JT Eberhard talking about arguments for the existence of God.

Other posts included a correction a correction regarding Korean creationists, a quote from Richard Carrier on overpopulation, technology, and the Pope, and quotes from Steven Pinker that may help explain why internet flame wars happen.

Finally, in the “fun pictures” category, we had “Bertrand Russell explains Ray Comfort” and “New Atheists, explained with a stick figure comic.”