What arguments are popular among liberal Christians?

Commenter mnb0 makes a point that I think is worth devoting a post to:

Countering fundie- and creacrap is easy. It has been done many times before. If you want to distinguish yourself you should find yourself some liberal christians to bash. Don’t tell me there aren’t in the States and I’m pretty sure it will be useful for Europeans like me if you include them in your book.

Richard Swinburne is a liberal, or at least moderate, Christian, and I’ve had a bit to say about his arguments before and I plan on saying a bit more about them in the near future. Other than that, though, it seems like there are fewer liberal Christians pushing arguments for the truth of their religion. I think that’s because there’s less reason for them to care about arguing other people into the faith, because they don’t think it’s “believe or else.”

I think it’s worth asking, though, what arguments are popular among liberal Christians. It seems to me that a lot of liberal Christians like versions of the design argument, as long as it’s done in a way that doesn’t attack evolution, for example fine tuning. But a lot of cdesign proponentists also like the fine tuning. And it’s not clear to me that presentations of the fine tuning argument by liberal believers are any better than the presentations by conservative believers.

So I’m not sure the liberals are especially worth addressing here, but I might be wrong about that. Also, liberal believers have some unique arguments on the defensive end. In particular, instead of defending everything in the Bible, they try to come up with arguments for why we should reinterpret or ignore some parts while embracing others. What other arguments made by liberal believers are especially noteworthy?

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