What Christian blogs are worth interacting with?

It seems like in the first couple years of my blogging, atheist and Christian blogs interacted a lot more. I suspect this was in part the result of a self-reinforcing trend, where the less someone interacts with you, the less they seem interacting with. Yet there’s no doubt a lot to gain from that interaction. The question is, who’s worth interacting with these days?

Personally, I’ve found Randal Rauser to be one of the most currently interesting Christian bloggers out there, and I probably should interact with him more. Patheos’ religious blogs are probably worth paying more attention to, though I don’t know much about any of them except for Leah Libresco (who, by the way, just did a podcast debate/discussion with Hemant Mehta, which I plan to listen to and comment on soon).

Other than that, who is there? What blogs are currently popular among Christians and discuss the kind of issues I’d care about?

ETA: I found a couple of potentially useful lists of top Christian blogs here and here, don’t know which include enough mix of philosophy/apologetics/politics to be worth interacting with. Anyone willing to do me the favor of checking them out, telling me if any ring a bell as worthwhile?

  • Jon Hanson

    Thanks for the heads up on the Libresco/Mehta discussion, although I really sort of wish they had gotten a more philosophically minded atheist. Mehta’s a great blogger, but he’s more into activism than argumentation, and Leah comes to the debate with a very sophisticated and not necessarily intuitive approach.

    Of course, this is my first thought, maybe he’s better than I think at this sort of thing.

    • Jon Hanson

      Reading Christian blogs, it’s a bit weird since I don’t read them liked I used to back when I was a christian apologist. It’s amazing that now it seems like they’re speaking a different language!

      Anyways, I always liked Stand to Reason as a Christian although looking now I’m not so sure what you’d think, although I’d love to see you engage with them on anything: http://str.typepad.com/

      Credo house has some good stuff: http://www.reclaimingthemind.org/

      Victor Reppert’s dangerous idea blog can be good, and at a glance I see a lot of places it would be worth engagine with him: http://dangerousidea.blogspot.com/

      It really depends on what specifically you’re looking for I guess.

  • Caravelle

    I enjoy Slacktivist, also at Patheos (http://www.patheos.com/blogs/slacktivist), but it’s more politics and theology, almost no apologetics whatsoever, so it might not be what you’re looking for.

    • Otrame

      Fred Clark at Slacktivist is a fantastic writer, a deeply compassionate and decent man. There is little to no apologetics on his blog because he doesn’t try to claim what he believes is based on empirical facts.

      He wants Christians to live up to the ideals espoused by Jesus. Needless to say, he is often disappointed.

      He thinks the Left Behind books are blasphemous, but doesn’t believe they should be banned. Just laughed at. Which he does in his page-by-page analysis of just how bad those books are that he has been working on for several years–definitely worth reading in their entirety (there are links to the series on his blog).

      Fred Clark is someone I read every day and get something good. The fact that I think he’s wrong about the existence of a god is unimportant.

  • snafu

    IMHO the Leah/Hemant debate wasn’t up to much particularly.

    It was good-natured enough, but the fact is that Leah knows something about metaethics, and Hemant doesn’t (at one point he admits he’s not philosophically-minded). That’s not to say he makes a fool of himself…just that for the most part they’re talking past one another.

    Annoying, as it’s not unusual at all to see this in atheist debate.

    • plutosdad

      Yes, I am waiting for Dan Fincke’s interview with her.

      • snafu

        Agreed…that would be interesting.

  • MNb0

    Some articles are in English and the guy knows a few things:


    An example:


  • Alexander Johannesen

    I’ve pointed you to thinking Christian before, which is the Pharyngula of the Christian Blogosphere these days, fans of Craig, Plantinga and Aquinas. I tried a couple of times, but got banned fairly quickly. Yeah, they ban people quickly unless you make them happy.

    Apart from that there’s not much. Quidbinbilith (from memory) is good from a scholary angle, but not much debate. I’ve followed Josiah Concept Ministries, but the more you engage, the more you realize he’s batshit crazy. Amusing up to a point, but his purported search for truth only goes a little before the blinders come on. And I could list a dozen more, that equally go like this; Yes, we are only interested in truth, our epistemology is the bible, um, I mean Aquinas, and besides there is no definition of a naturalist world, so the super-natural is actually a more reasonable explanation than a universe without a god, hence my god is the right one, and true, because it’s in the bible.

    I don’t know, I find it so disheartening to engage with a lot of the faithful. I have a few good friends who are believers, and I have very interesting and wonderful discussions with them, but most of the online crowd don’t know epistemology from geology, and usually get both of them wrong.

    What is needed, I think, is a philosophical and theology-rich version of the god delusion, where people like Craig and Plantinga are properly answered, even in Christian terms. I know you’re writing something kinda like that, no? These things needs to be fleshed out so the mob who thinks they think understand their severe limitation. Argh.

    • Tanya2

      They Ban people? I am shocked, shocked I tell you!

      We can all be thankful that atheists don’t ban people!

      • http://www.facebook.com/chris.hallquist Chris Hallquist

        For your information, my ban list currently.consists of three people, the most recent of which was for a comment that did little more than call me a “cowardly shit.”

  • http://motherwell.livejournal.com/ Raging Bee

    I was happy to find Real Live Preacher is still on the air: I knew him from the old Salon Blogs, and he seems like a decent guy, more interested in doing the right thing for God’s creatures than in bullshit arguments and apologetics — which kinda made him less interesting to interact with, but nicer to just read and follow for examples of basic decency with Jesus’ name (occasionaly) attached. EXCELLENT and very passionate takedowns of Bible-based gay-bashing — all in all, he says, the Biblical case against homosexuality is extremely weak.

    I’m also kinda glad Evangelical Outpost seems to be gone from the first set of lists. I noticed it when Ed Brayton praised its founder, Joe Carter, for condemning torture; but that was its only high mark, it was nothing but dutiful mindless repetition of the same old rigid indefensible blather-points. They supported Mike Hickabee for President in 2008, then dropped him like yesterday’s fruit salad when Sarah Palin came along.

    • http://www.mccaughan.org.uk/g/ g

      > I was happy to find Real Live Preacher is still on the air

      He isn’t. He stopped nearly two years ago.

  • plutosdad

    I find the Exploring Our Matrix blog at Patheos interesting. He talks about evolution and ethics from his christian perspective. I also like Karen Armstrong’s column at The Guardian, I really enjoy her books (as history).

    • plutosdad

      oh, neither of those are apologetics or arguing for their god being true

  • http://christthetao.blogspot.com David Marshall

    I’m not primarily a blogger, but I do usually post something a couple times a week, and get lots of atheist visitors (relative to the volume of traffic overall), some of them regular customers. As a writer who has published quite a bit on atheism, unbelieving visitors will find plenty to challenge them on a variety of subjects — this is often where I try out new stuff. Some of the topics I tend to touch on include the great good Christianity has done the world (yes, I know), world religions, and critiques of skeptical books or on-line arguments (Stephen Law, PZ Myers, Dan Dennett, Richard Carrier, Anne Rice — ah, dozens and dozens). Among my most popular posts are “Does Confucius prove Jesus?” “How Jesus Liberates Women I-V” “Interviews with a Vampire Novelist” “The Outsider Test for Faith: Why Loftus is Wrong” and “Yes, you are a Stamp-Collector.”

    I never ban anyone for criticizing my arguments, as long as they do so in a moderately civil and sincere way. Sometimes people come in angry, and leave angry; occasionally they come angry, and come back ready to talk seriously. But I’m pleased with the quality of atheist visitor I often tend to get.

    • Jon Hanson

      I was actually going to recomend Mr Marshall here but assumed Chris knew about him, but now that he’s shown up I’ll second the recomendation, he’s always seemed like a good sport to me.

    • Otrame

      Blog whoring again, DM?

      • http://christthetao.blogspot.com David Marshall

        Thanks, Jon.

        No, Otrame, I’m not “blog whoring,” I’m answering the OP by recommending a good (I think) discussion forum that meets the criteria mentioned above.

        If I were to recommend my books, and they were on-subject, I wouldn’t see anything perverse, sinful or kinky about that, either. If you own an ice cream parlor, and someone asks, “Where’s some good ice cream?”, and you really do think your ice cream is optimal, would saying so constitute “banana split whoring” in your eyes? (Not that I make any money from on-line activity, which is mostly a temptation.)

        Chill out.

  • Andrew G.

    I’ve never found much of anything worth reading at Patheos (with the sole exception of Slacktivist). Their Catholic bloggers are an especially disgusting bunch, the conservative protestants aren’t much better, and the liberal and moderate christians seem to have very little engagement with the factual world (with, as mentioned above, Slacktivist as a notable exception).

  • Robert

    Ditto on Randal’s blog. He loves to reduce arguments down to definitions.

    I would learn a lot from seeing you and Randal argue. Please do!

    Yudkowsky commented on Randal’s blog one time. I thought, “Oh, this is going to be good!” But alas, the dialog was short lived.

  • http://christthetao.blogspot.com David Marshall

    For the Rausal fans / anti-fans, I’ve just been reading the new Rausal / Loftus debate book, due to be published next year by a pretty good Christian publisher. I know there are people in these forums who don’t like John . . . But it’s punchy, entertaining, and generally pretty good. Some of you may enjoy it.

  • CJ

    Eric Reitan over at The Piety That Lies Between is a liberal Christian with a book slamming the New Atheists and the religious right. He is definitely worth checking out.

  • http://www.thewarfareismental.net/b/ cl

    Hallquist, if you’re looking for a Christian blog to interact with, I’ll gladly debate you on any topic of your choosing. As an added bonus, if you misrepresent what I say, I *WON’T* run around the internet libeling you as a liar. ;)

    Seriously though. Any argument. Cosmological, POE, evolution, hiddenness… you name, you got it.

  • svinter

    Whar do you think about the Feser
    ? I have not investigated myself if it is good enough to enagage in but it was mentioned on the LW-blog as giving a serious discussion.