What Christian blogs are worth interacting with?

It seems like in the first couple years of my blogging, atheist and Christian blogs interacted a lot more. I suspect this was in part the result of a self-reinforcing trend, where the less someone interacts with you, the less they seem interacting with. Yet there’s no doubt a lot to gain from that interaction. The question is, who’s worth interacting with these days?

Personally, I’ve found Randal Rauser to be one of the most currently interesting Christian bloggers out there, and I probably should interact with him more. Patheos’ religious blogs are probably worth paying more attention to, though I don’t know much about any of them except for Leah Libresco (who, by the way, just did a podcast debate/discussion with Hemant Mehta, which I plan to listen to and comment on soon).

Other than that, who is there? What blogs are currently popular among Christians and discuss the kind of issues I’d care about?

ETA: I found a couple of potentially useful lists of top Christian blogs here and here, don’t know which include enough mix of philosophy/apologetics/politics to be worth interacting with. Anyone willing to do me the favor of checking them out, telling me if any ring a bell as worthwhile?

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