Why is Craig so dishonest?

Now that I’ve thoroughly documented Craig’s dishonesty, I want to say a bit about why Craig is so dishonest. I’ve written before about what Craig really thinks of reason, and given his views, it isn’t surprising that he doesn’t really care whether his arguments are any good. But there are a couple telling comment he’s made that I don’t think I’ve ever discussed.

In his book Hard Questions, Real Answers, that Christian professors who expose students to criticisms of Christianity without defending responses to those criticisms are acting as “instruments of Satan.” Craig appears to mean that quite literally, which unfortunately makes sense in the context of his belief that non-Christians are damned.

Similarly, Craig tells his fans that atheist websites are “literally pornographic (evil writing) and so ought in general to be shunned. Sure, somebody has to read them and refute them; but why does it have to be you?”

Think about what this means. If Craig ever found an argument he couldn’t refute, he believes it’s his duty to keep quiet about it, lest he act as an “instrument of Satan.” And if atheist writings are to be shunned, it’s probably best not to expose his fans to too many atheist arguments, even when he thinks he can refute them.

This is damning. Craig is committed to misleading his audience by pretending many objections to his views don’t exist. But it’s worse than that: what is Craig to do when he can’t avoid talking about an argument which he also can’t refute? Given that souls are at stake (or so Craig thinks), it’s no surprise that his answer is “lie about it.”

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