William Lane Craig vs. cute teddy bear girl on morality

This is a video I made in November 2010. I think of it every time I hear someone talking about William Lane Craig. His arguments, but especially his moral argument, are so awful that mockery may be the best way to respond:

Here are my notes on the video from when I first posted it:

There’s something about Xtranormal videos that makes almost any situation funnier. It occurred to me that this makes them a great vehicle for mocking the rhetoric of religious apologists.

I want to emphasize that everything the Craig teddy bear says is based on things Craig actually has said. I relied especially on three books, each presenting a debate between Craig and one opponent: Antony Flew, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, and Paul Kurtz.

Note that while the Sinnott-Armstrong book is just Craig and Sinnott-Armstrong, the other two books have transcripts of a live debate with comments from many different professional philosophers, with Craig’s final comments at the end. In both of those books, some of the comments on the transcripts are very good, and I stole liberally from them in making this video (always making sure to include the lame responses from Craig’s final comments.)

Oh, and “Craig”‘s final line comes from this article on his website.

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