Angry Atheists? chapter 10: William Lane Craig exposed

So I’m doing this project where I’m writing a book, and when I finish a draft of a chapter, I post it for anyone to read for free using Google Docs. I’ve just finished putting together the chapter titled “William Lane Craig exposed.” (I had previously posted an incomplete version of the chapter.) Read it here.

I to a degree assume you’ve  read the previous chapter, but I’ve also included in the text many links to previous blog posts I’ve written for context. Also, if you want to read the blog posts this chapter was fashioned from, here’s all my recent posts on Craig.

Topics covered in this chapter include:

  • Kalam
  • Plantinga’s ontological argument
  • Craig’s abuse of appeals to authority
  • His habit of misrepresenting his opponents
  • Dawkin’s refusal to debate Craig

I’m also licencing this under a version of the Creative Commons license, so feel free to distribute or remix this as long as you follow the terms of the license. Enjoy!

(Note to anyone who wants to help improve this for future drafts: I’d kind of like to break up the sections on Plantinga’s ontological argument and the resurrection into smaller sub-sections, but can’t find a nice way to do it. Your thoughts?)

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