Baby reacts to baptism

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  • Daniel Engblom

    I’m torn inside by two opposing forces:
    On the one hand, as an atheist, baptism is meaningless, as it’s just a sprinkle of water with no magical powers.
    But on the other hand, it means something to other people, and as such it means something to stand against symbols as a message to others.
    So while baptism is a silly ritual not worth getting your panties in a twist about, it’s meaningful to protest and argue about silly rituals as they stand in the eyes of all as symbols (like here “making the choice for the child”).
    That is, also, if you wish the world to be a better place, it is meaningful to protest.
    I’m reminded of the often-thrown-out rhetorical question “Who cares what other people think?” – And seeing that reality is actually a bit messy, and the beliefs of others do influence us on some levels, one might have to actually seriously contemplate in answering “Well, everyone should care!”

    • N. Nescio

      I wrote the local Bishop repeatedly asking to be excommunicated. No luck.
      Wrote my home parish asking my name to be removed from the Baptismal rolls. No response.

      The RCC still “counts” me as one of its flock when groups like the US Conference of Catholic Bishops claims to represent “millions of Catholics in the United States”.

      It’s not just a meaningless ritual when it’s being used to demand power and privilege over everybody.

      • David Hart

        “I wrote the local Bishop repeatedly asking to be excommunicated. No luck.”

        Videotape yourself ordaining a woman, and send it to them. You should be off their books in short order:-)