I moderate comments

I recently wrote a post where I explained why I moderate comments lightly. I do, however, have some rules (which I linked to in the post about moderating comments lightly). Here is an example of a comment I banned someone for last month:

Chris, you are a cowardly little shit. This has nothing to do with atheism or theism, I just don’t like you.

You are a prick and a weasel.

I’m posting this now because after being banned, this same person recently tried to post a comment with further empty insults, as well as asking, “why do you pretend to have an unmoderated blog?”

The answer is that I’ve never claimed to have an unmoderated blog (at least not for years, don’t remember what if I said anything about the issue when I first started blogging). Now that I’ve said so, in the future the clueless will be referred back to this post (if I bother saying anything to them at all).

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