Stephen Hawking on the afterlife

Via Facebook:

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  • MLR

    What’s funny is a lot of very smart people have been saying things similar to this for a long time, but the general public doesn’t give a hoot until Hawking says it. It sort of reminds me of this xkcd (but then everything reminds me of xkcd):

  • rondo

    guy is sort of stupid

    • Johnny Hansen

      Guy is sort of the most intelligent person alive (with the possible exception of Edward Witten).

  • Anat

    If there is no computer-heaven, were do all the calculators go?

    • Jack

      To be recycled into cameras… I fear this joke may be wasted.

      • lordshipmayhem

        Not in my calculator’s case. It just can’t see the big picture…

  • eric

    He is wrong! There is just as much a heaven for my brain as there is a heaven for my spleen. And another heaven for my lungs. And stomach.

    But not my heart – that’s just an organic pump. Who would be stupid enough to think that went anywhere?

  • Austin

    But it takes intelligence to build a computer…

  • Ed Ward, MD

    On a separate note, for Stephen Hawking’s ‘conventional afterlife is a fairy tale’ followers, I remind them of the First Law of Thermodynamics – Energy Can Not Be Created Nor Destroyed, Merely Transformed. And submit that life or a ’soul’ is essentially energy and must conform to the Laws of Energy, at least on a scientific basis. Circumstantial and coincidental evidence of energy ‘surviving’, transferring, making itself known to some, seems to support the scientific evidence. Ed Ward, MD Holy Horus: The Jesus Origin Exposed; The Real Truth About Religion and Its Origins, and Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum