Weekend recap: civility, William Lane Craig, and more!

So… I hadn’t planned to do more on William Lane Craig after finishing the initial post series, but then I decided I needed to go back and make extra-clear my reasons for calling him dishonest. I did this in two posts, first analyzing his misrepresentations of his debate opponents and then analyzing his case for the resurrection.

I also posted a free chapter from my book as a PDF, which documents Craig’s misleading use of the work of A. N. Sherwin-White. And I posted a quote from Craig about how professors need to be careful not to act as “instruments of Satan.”

Another post I’m very proud of is my post on the ridiculousness of calling atheists “just like fundamentalists” or “just like a cult.” Seriously, why do people say this? Can anyone explain that to me?

My other recurring concern this week was the issue of civility. I initially wrote a post partially defending the use of the word “stupid,” though in a follow-up I added that words like “ridiculous” are often better for my purposes. I also wrote about the issue of criticizing Islam, tried to craft a consensus statement on civility for argumentative atheists, and asked if you must always respect other people.

Among the many minor posts this week, this one with a quote from Obama about the Bible (which I actually got from Libby Anne of Patheos) got a surprising response: Reddit went nuts over it and my stat counter tells me that it’s been seen by OVER NINE THOUSAND people. As a small-time blogger, that’s a bit overwhelming. Hey y’all, stay for my other writing, okay?

Other picture-posts included “The problem of evil in one picture,” “The narcissism of thanking God,” “Condescending Wonka on ‘hate the sin, but not the sinner,'” and “Yeah, the Bible is not for children.”

I also wrote about why Batman sucks, how Romney wants to raise your taxes, gave a shout out to Heina Dadabhoy’s “A Skeptic’s Guide to Islam” project, and asked for some help with my upcoming podcast.

Also, as of today, I am technically on vacation, and will be for the next two weeks. You may or may not notice. I’ve got several posts ideas that would have been written this week had I had the time, and if all goes well I’ll get the first episode of my podcast out. On the other hand, part of me wants to use whatever time I end up having to assemble a few more chapters for The Book. Stay tuned.


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