Why this election matters

Here’s something I just hammered out on Facebook in response to a friend posting a link to a spoof of election rhetoric:

Hard to know, though I suspect that a president Gore would have (1) invaded Afghanistan, but not responded to 9/11 by attacking a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 (2) given slightly more shits about things like not torturing people.

AFAIK those went pretty far beyond anything that went wrong in the Clinton administration.

As for this election–I’ve heard Obama plausibly called a moderate Republican, the problem is that the Republican base has decided they hate Obama and therefore hate anything he does, even if it’s things like Obamneycare that many Republicans used to support. There’s a real risk that Romney, beholden to his base, could be forced to do some crazy shit in office because of that.

I know you’re a libertarian, but from where I stand, a Romney win would be the one thing that could make me seriously consider staying in Korea. Their healthcare system isn’t perfect, but it’s a huge improvement over the current (given that Obamney care hasn’t fully kicked in yet) state of affairs in the US. This isn’t isn’t “OMG I couldn’t stand living under a Republican!,” this is something that could have a real impact on my life and that of my partner.

In short, make fun of the rhetoric all you want, but important shit is up for grabs in this election.

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