Biiiiiig announcement coming up…

Hey everybody, blogging is likely to be sparse the next day or two, but only because there are some BIG changes happening in my life, which I’ll announce soon. Until then, consider this an open thread.

  • Andrew B.

    Ruh-Roh…you’re not going to pull a Libresco, are you?

  • Randomfactor

    Or do what JT would…

  • aleph squared

    Headline on the next Hallq post: “Dr. Craig Vindicated! KALAM Restored!”

  • pneumo

    It’s not that big.

  • andyman409

    Why Christianity? Why couldn’t he become a Hindu or Muslim?

  • Tyrant of Skepsis

    Y U wanna buy an elephant??!

  • Reginald Selkirk

    there are some BIG changes happening in my life, which I’ll announce soon.

    You’re coming out with K-pop hit that will eclipse Gangnam Style?

    • Annatar


  • Francisco Bacopa

    I bet the Singularity Institute is using him as a test subject to become the first Transhuman.

  • mnb0

    No, CH has bought a house in my village, Moengo Suriname, and will teach philosophy at my school.

    In the meantime enjoy how Victor Stenger grinds meat (as we Dutch say) out of Cosmological Arguments:

    He nicely confirms that they all can be traced back to Bill O’Reilly’s high and low tide. So again, CH, thanks for pointing this out.

  • Justin Allen

    It’s probably a personal stuff, like he’s getting married or moving countries again or something, or maybe his book got picked up by a publisher.

  • Peter Hurford

    Getting a job with the Singularity Institute and relocating?

  • Ryan

    Chris, you’re not a woman trapped in a man’s body are you?

  • hyperdeath

    Are you going to perform experiments with gamma radiation?

  • jhendrix

    Whatever it is, it sounds good, so I’m happy for you.


    Why all the bloody suspense?! :P

    • Chris Hallquist

      Because I’m busy as hell, which is keeping me from posting other stuff, and I keep thinking, “the thing will happen tomorrow, so I can announce it then.” But it really will happen tomorrow, I’m sure of it.

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