Hello Patheos!

Hi everybody! My name is Chris Hallquist, and like Libby Anne and JT before me, I’m moving to Patheos from Freethought Blogs. I’m an atheist who’s been blogging about religion (among other things) since I graduated high school, along the way writing a (now out-of-print) book and getting a masters degre in philosophy from the University of Notre Dame (among other things).

I’m currently in the process of transitioning from working as an English teacher in South Korea to working as a researcher for the Singularity Institute, where I’ll be trying to help save the world from mad scientists and evil robots. This transition has me crazy busy, so at first my blogging here may be a bit heavy on recycling stuff I’ve already written, but that will change after the first month.

This blog has a comment policy. I moderate comments pretty lightly, for reasons I explain here, but do not confuse this with not moderating comments. Otherwise I will laugh at you like I did this guy.

Nothing else is coming to me at the moment, so feel free to use the comments here to ask questions, congratulate me on the move, or just have an open thread. Enjoy!

ETA: Oh yeah, feel free to look me up on Facebook or Google+. Though I don’t use either of those as much as my Twitter, which is @uncrediblehallq.

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