A year of blasphemy

Ken at Popehat has responded to calls to let “other values” trump free speech in the case of blasphemy laws by simply rounding up a years worth of blasphemy-related news stories. I could quote his conclusion, but instead, I’ll just quote the first month’s worth of stories:

October 2011:

In the United States, “Underwear bomber” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallabpleaded guilty on the second day of his trial for attempting to blow up a plane carrying 300 people. He explained that if the United States continues “to persist and promote the blasphemy of Muhammad and the prophets,” it risks “a great calamity … through the hands of the mujahedeen soon.”

In Pakistan, a young Christian woman charged with blasphemy after a dispute with Muslim women in her village was beaten in prison by her guard.

Also in Pakistan, a man sentenced to a month in prison for blaspheming the family of Mohammed found his sentence increased to three years by an appellate court.

In Egypt, a man was sentenced to three years at hard labor for mocking Islam on Facebook.

Even from just skimming a list of stories like this, you really shouldn’t need anyone else to spell out the conclusion.

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