New Agers

From Facebook:

As I post this, I need to add the caveat that I’ve known a lot of neo-pagans, and many of them are wonderful people in spite of their bits of silliness.

  • sailor1031

    Oh dear. Seems our minds won’t let us deal with anything but superficial generalities no matter how unfounded they may be. Can we accept that new agers are as diverse as any other “group” of persons? And before we can consign anyone to that group we need a definition for “new age” – I’ve never found one!

    • LeftWingFox

      New Age is the spiritual version of a Midwestern American Chinese Buffet. Mix and match a wide range of beliefs and practices from a wide variety of cultures that have been sanitized, decontextualized and commercialized. Just be careful not to catch salmonella from the homeopathic beef curry.

      • http://none Claudia


        It sounds like your chosen name which is different by given( parents who defines an encryption)
        Your chosen encryption reads like:
        Left: Took off or left behind not very empowering
        Left Wing: not a dreamer, or does not take chances, moreover does not have inner freedom o power to dream / creativity
        Fox: smart/clever/ wise
        The rest you get the idea.
        FYI, people of the new AGE does not beleive in the systems that why they choose what they think is important for them. Alowance & respect of existance is very important. I would suggest that start to look inside and work with yourself instead of criticise others beleives. Do you beleive on something? Do you think you are more than skin & bones? Do you recognices that you manifested some of your thoughts? The truth is around you. You just need to awake and see, listen and feel. It is all about frequency. Your DNA which is the projection of yourself in this dimension. You can controlled depending in your enviromental factors and the way you supermind manage the flow of frequency in your body. Science is arriving to the point to understand how the body/mind function and how is influenced by the enviroment, sun light and electromagnetic fields. Thus, it is more than your definition of Midwestern American Chinese Buffet. Only few years from today you will remember me.
        I don’t consider myself a new Age. I consider myself a cosmic being that is awakening to the real truth of how we live in this planet and how important is to use your free will every moment. Not everybody understant this concept of freedom. I recommend you read books from Aldous Husley ( science fiction in 1938) Today his stories can be considered real. Welcome to “the Era of enlightment” if you learn to choose in order to be awake otherwise, the other road is a “black hole” or descencion when you are taken or are asleep like a zombie consumming and living like a robot

    • Don Gwinn

      I’ve had personal experience with people representing “New Age” beliefs trying to convert me, some of them quite tenaciously. I’ve had people try to convert me to belief in “The Secret,” “The Goddess,” astrology in both classical form and a pseudoscientific practice called “The Enneagram,” belief in “The Vastness” (the universe, only it’s conscious, it’s love, and it moves in mysterious ways.)
      That’s to say nothing of the people I haven’t personally experienced, but who are well-known for proselytizing, such as the Hare Krishna in their day.

    • Don Gwinn

      Why not define “New Age” as a belief that a fundamental shift of some kind has moved (or will move) the world from a past “age” into a “new age” or “new pooch,” such as the “Age of Aquarius”? That would actually capture a surprising number of beliefs. Jenny McCarthy and other “Indigo Child” believers would fit in that tent, as would all the people saying that the Mayans correctly predicted some kind of pole shift or beginning of a “New World” in December of 2012.

      Or we could just start calling them “Religious: Other.” :)

  • Vision_From_Afar

    As funny as this is, it’s worth noting that “New Agers” of every stripe have zero interest in converting you to their way of thinking, which is what most find the “silliest” part of Xtianity.

    • The Other Weirdo

      There is more to the silliness of Christianity than their pathological need to convert everyone.

    • Erik

      Wanting to convert people isn’t the silly part, it’s the reasons they want to convert people are silly. Oh and that whole mythology they cherry pick from to declare what is and is not true about life.

    • Bronze Dog

      As funny as this is, it’s worth noting that “New Agers” of every stripe have zero interest in converting you to their way of thinking…

      Many aren’t quite as hard sell as Christianity, but oh man, I’ve seen plenty of newage trolls who try to do exactly that, with a great deal of venom for anyone who dares raise a skeptical question or alternative explanation. They’re just as variable as any group of humans. They’ve got their own moderates and fundies.

  • John Evans

    New agers are also more likely to injure my reverence for language and physics by badly misusing words and concepts than the more conventionally religious are.

  • MNb

    After Dutch actress Sylvia Millecam died while treated by New Age guru Jomanda I think New Age a lot worse than just silly.

  • melissa

    I clicked hoping to read a intelligent critique of “New Age” philosophy but all I got was a generalized meme… Disappointed :(

    Why is it that Atheists tend to focus on Christianity, Islam and to a lesser extent Judaism? Where are the critiques of Buddhism? Hinduism? Paganism? I have found very little on these subjects,

    • Bronze Dog

      My answer: Because the big three have greater visibility and stronger political influence where most of us live, they tend to get higher priority for criticism. A similar question comes up for those of us who focus on Christianity more than Islam: Fundie Christians are wrecking our house right now, so many of us are more interested in focusing on the problem at hand than worrying about the fundie Muslim across the street who’s only planning on wrecking our house.

  • blue

    Oh yes, the new age is very wierd. while they do wierd things like yoga and meditation… the christians do practical things like read about the earth becoming totaly drowned with the exeption of a small group of humans and two of every kind of animal in the world. Or that one about a man being swallowed by a whale and surviving for days inside its belly before being spit out and set free ……Practical stuff like that.

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