Sunday link roundup and open thread

It occurred to me that my Bible tweets aren’t the only tweets I can recycle into blog posts. I also tweet a fair number of links because Twitter is great for links that don’t really deserve their own posts… and often a great way of finding such links in the first place. Here’s this week’s roundup:

  • Apparently, a Polish coffin maker has pissed off the Catholic Church by making a coffin-themed pinup calendar to help market its products. Personally, I think the photos are hot.
  • A spokesperson for Democratic House candidate Kyrsten Sinema has rejected the label “nontheist” to describe her. Without saying she believes in God either. It’s a weird situation, since “nontheist” is an umbrella term for anyone who’s not a theist, if you’re not a theist by definition a nontheist. My guess is Sinema is the sort of person who would identify as agnostic if she weren’t in politics. But apparently, even that label is too stigmatized to be used by politicians.
  • Kevin Kelly, author of What Technology Wants, argues that killing lots of people generally requires the cooperation of at least one person per every person you want to kill. If that’s true, we don’t have to worry that a small team might accidentally or intentionally wipe out a sizable chunk of humanity with grey goo, an engineered supervirus, or rogue AI. I hope he’s right, though it’s not necessarily something you’d bet, well, the fate of humanity on. If you’re curious to read more about this subject, I recommend this paper by Nick Bostrom.
  • In US House of Representatives races, Democrats got more votes than Republicans. So why don’t Democrats now control Congress? One word: gerrymandering.
  • Finally, why MTV doesn’t play music videos any more. (It’s a humor video, but it actually makes some really insightful points.)

Not a link, but speaking of Twitter, I’ve yet to do any post-election political blogging, and a few of the people I follow on Twitter were less-than-enthusiastic about Obama’s reelection. I understand why, though I’m in the “celebrate anyway” camp for one reason: health care. I have insurance right now because of the Affordable Care Act, and while it may not be perfect, whatever Romney-Ryan would have ended up trying to do would have almost certainly be much worse.

Consider this an open thread to talk about whatever.

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