Amanda Marcotte on believers who think we’d all be raping and murdering each other without religion

Via Facebook:

For those who are curious, the source is Marcotte’s excellent article “10 Myths About Atheists, Debunked” (it comes in at myth #6).

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  • smrnda

    I kind of think the opposite is true, particularly with Christians. With cheap grace always available, why care about what you do at all since all that count is you believe in Jesus?

    • jose

      But Jesus said that whatever you do to the least, poorest person on earth, you do to him (Mt. 25). If you don’t help the most disadvantaged, you’ll end up on his left side at the end of times and he’ll fuck you up.

  • MNb

    There is an escape route. Do wrong, wait until say an hour before you die, confess, show remorse, repent and the road to Jesus’ right side will be open again. That’s what two members of Youth for Christ told me when I was 14 years old. That was also what cured me from any tendency to convert to christianity.

    • Bob Jase

      Even easier – renounce your baptism, if applicable, and then wait until your deathbed to be baptised again, just like Constantine supposedly did. That way you don’t even need to pretend to repent.

  • sailor1031

    It seems to me that the christians have taken to heart the biblical admonishment to “know thyself” and thus know that without their faith they would indeed be out there raping and murdering each other. Stealing , swindling and fucking other peoples’ wives too no doubt. Oh, wait!