Beta testing a book: Chapter 3: Why religious ideas are fair game

Yay for a very productive week! I now have a substantially revised version of chapter three of the book. It’s titled Why religious ideas are fair game. “In this chapter” and other notes below the fold:

  • How taboos stop honest discussion of religion
  • The truth about the Bible and the Quran
  • Why arguing about religion works
  • The value of mocking religion
  • Religious believers’ “helpful advice” for atheists

I’ve taken Delphi Psmith’s suggestion of enabling comments on this draft as well as drafts for chapters one and two. This chapter assumes to some extent that you’ve read chapter one, so consider reading that if you haven’t yet. Those who are new to this project may also wish to read the project’s introductory post, which includes some “ignorable advice” to commenters.

I should mention that this draft of this chapter currently does not incorporate this post. I’m currently thinking of saving discussion of those issues for a later chapter, though I may also put them back in in response to further comments.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who’s been commenting on draft chapters so far, especially Leah Libresco, who devoted two posts at her blog to commenting on the draft of chapter two. I’ve added a couple parenthetical asides to that draft to address a couple of her concerns.

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