Beta testing a book: Chapter 4: This is what your religion looks like to me

Okay, here’s a cleaned-up version of chapter 4 of the book, titled This is what your religion looks like to me. “In this chapter” and other notes below the fold:

  • How to refute your religion in three easy steps
  • Mormonism: racism, archaeology, goofy beliefs, and more!
  • Avoiding philosophy
  • When it’s time to leave your church

When revising this chapter, I got temporarily stuck on the question of whether to include a discussion of Plantinga’s epistemology. I eventually decided that Plantinga’s arguments for his views are so incredibly weak that I was better off not bothering with the topic, and letting my general comments on the subject be enough. But if you feel this chapter really, really needs some Plantinga, let me know.

Also, I’m still looking for input on the book’s title.


  • Dorfl

    “They’re just repeating something they vaguely remember from the one philosophy course I took in college. ”

    Is this right, or should it be “course they took “?

    • Chris Hallquist


  • Highlander

    If you look at the Outsider Test for Faith, and think to yourself, “nah, and is going to stick with the religion I’ve got, whether or not I’ve got a good reason for sticking with it,” there isn’t much I can say to you.

    …”Nah, and I’m…

    • Chris Hallquist

      Thanks! Fixed.

  • smidox

    In the parapgraph where Harris wants to show the translations to his wife, you say Smith “eventually let agreed” you should probably choose let or agreed.

    • Chris Hallquist

      Thanks. Fix’d!

  • Roger

    In the part where you talk about archaeological evidence and the Torah, it should be: “it’s pretty important for Christians too.” not to.

    • Chris Hallquist


  • Emily

    Have a look at Randal Rauser’s criticisms of The Christian Delusion at his blog, particularly Ed Babinsky’s chapter(s) if I recall correctly, then decide if you want to criticise Plantinga’s reformed epistemology. I would, if I were you, and I’d look to the work of Tyler Wunder, James Sennet, and Herman Philipse (no need to reinvent the wheel).

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