Face it: you don’t actually believe in God

I’ve been meaning to do a post on a number of the awful things Christians have said about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, but I think I’ll write about just one of them. This image has been all over the web, but I got this particular version of it from JT Eberhard:

To be clear, this guy isn’t representative of Christianity as a whole. Indeed he’s in the extreme minority. Most Christians probably find his statement utterly repulsive.

And yet, all Christians of a fairly orthodox sort believe in Heaven, which is supposed to be way better than life on earth. There’s some controversy on who gets into heaven but the consensus seems to be that God is fairly lenient about letting small children in. So probably most Christians would agree that the children killed in the Sandy Hook shooting went to Heaven. At the very least, they got to go there early, and on some accounts they they dodged an adulthood during which their eternal souls would have been in great danger.

Though there are many examples of this, this may be the clearest evidence I’ve seen yet that most religious believers don’t really believe what their religion teaches. In particular, “they’re in heaven now” is supposed to be a lie that everyone tells each other to feel a little less bad about people dying, but you’re definitely not supposed to believe it more than 25% of the way. Believing it more than 25% of the way will make most believers immediately conclude you’re crazy or worse.

Not that believers are conscious of this. As Luke Muehlhauser once said looking back on his years as an evangelical Christian, “It sure felt like I really believed that stuff… But something’s not quite right with that.”

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