As a follow up to my post “Face it: you don’t actually believe in God,” I should point out Libby Anne’s post on the subject, which talks about what it was like for her as an evangelical to hear about how Andrea Yates murdered her children so they wouldn’t go to Hell.

You should read the whole thing, but a few quotes are worth highlighting:

I knew I found what Yates had done morally reprehensible, but, well, I couldn’t find a way to criticize her reasoning for doing what she did. My theology wouldn’t let me, because, well, her theology was my theology followed to its logical conclusion…

As evangelical and fundamentalist America jumped all over itself to condemn Yates’ actions, I wavered on an instant of doubt and then pushed it away…

When I had these thoughts as a teen, I didn’t know how to handle them, so I pushed them away rather than face their full implications…

My answer to this question is that evangelicals and fundamentalists who claim to believe in both a literal hell and the age of accountability must (a) not truly believe in one or both of those doctrines  (b) have never followed these doctrines to their logical conclusion, or (c) have pushed these thoughts under the rug as I did for so long…

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