So I’m confused: who did Paul think would be saved?

So my “tweeting my way through the Bible” project (which you can follow at @UncredibleHallq on Twitter) is currently on Romans. This has reminded me of something that’s puzzled me for awhile: what on earth did Paul think about who would be saved?

Some time ago, I came across this discussion by Keith DeRose defending universalism (the view that everyone will be saved) from an evangelical perspective. He frames it in terms of what “the Bible” says, but mostly draws on Paul.

On the other hand, Romans chapter 9 seems to have some pretty strong support for the Calvinistic view that God has made up his mind to damn certain people in advance, among other things hinting that some people are “made for destruction” so God can demonstrate his wrath and power.

So which is it? I’m honestly not sure, and unfortunately even most of the “scholarly” discussions I could read of this issue are going to have a theological axe to grind. Is there anyone who can help me out here and suggest something by a Bart Ehrman or Gerd Lüdemann type?

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