Sunday links and open thread: why xkcd is awesome, needless drone killings, and more

Use the comments to discuss these stories or anything else:
  • “You’re doing science, and you’re still alive.” Fuck the haters, this is why xkcd is the world’s greatest webcomic.
  • Evidence that the US is using drones to kill people even when they could have taken the target alive.
  • Speaking of drones, at Overcoming Bias, Robert Wiblin argues that the willingness of US liberals to accept Obama’s expansion of presidential powers helps explain how we were so accepting of kings in the past.
  • What would it be like if abortion were illegal? Maybe something like this. Oh wait, those things are already happening.
  • Matt Yglesias has amusing thoughts on how to make a grand bargain actually happen.
  • Andrew Sullivan considers the possibility of giving voting rights to Palestinians.
  • The final popular vote count may end up with Romney at 47%.
  • Finally, this is probably breaking link-post etiquette linking to myself, but I’ve updated my “science reading recommendations” post.
  • Mark

    Xkcd is reeeally cloying.

    • Chris Hallquist

      Background: dude’s wife got cancer. I gotta respect anyone who somehow manages to communicate the emotions you go through with that in cartoon form.

  • Mark

    I knew the context. I just found the content uncomfortably personal; I don’t think his smarmy faceless doodles are very easy to empathize with. The gratuitous, pandering video game reference stuck in the middle of the my-wife-has-cancer webcomic didn’t help.