Writer’s block: figuring out what to say about philosophy and science as they relate to religion

So, next on the agenda is to rework my half-completed drafts of chapters six, seven, and eight of the book, which deal with philosophy and science. But I’m feeling a bit stuck.

For one thing, I’m seriously considering cutting the philosophy chapter (chapter six) and spreading its contents out over other chapters. I’ve already moved the discussion of Plantinga’s free will defense to chapter five. The stuff about philosophy vs. science can be bundled in with the chapters on science. And while I was initially planning on adding this, I don’t think a discussion of the pathologies of philosophy as an academic discipline are really needed in this book.

Futhermore, I’m not sure I have three chapters worth of stuff to say about all this. But the question then is how to reorganize three chapters into two. Which leads to the reason why writing a book is vastly more difficult than writing an equal word count worth of blog posts: you don’t just need to write the material, you need to make the material all fit together somehow into a cohesive whole.

Originally, the chapters were going to be on philosophy, scientific investigation of the supernatural, and evolution. My thought is to combine the first two of those into a chapter titled something like “Science, part 1: How we know what the world is really like.” But as I sit down to make those revisions, it’s just not feeling right.

Does anyone feel inspired to read all three half-complete chapters, and give suggestions for where to go with this?

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