Ad hominem links

If I do end up becoming a philosophy professor, I think one of my big goals in intro classes will be trying to teach students to identify common fallacies… and tell when a particular fallacy isn’t being committed. To that end, I think the following links would make a pretty good reading list on the topic of ad hominem:

  • The Other Weirdo

    Thank you for that first link. It is very helpful.

  • Tim Wicklund

    Thanks for the links. I perused the last one, and loved the different examples.

    A weasel isn’t a mammal

    Fuck you.


  • Brennan

    Most of these are very useful. I think the one titled “The Ad Hominem Fallacy Fallacy” could use some revision though, as the sixth example it offers looks like it is attacking the argument through an attack on the person. Otherwise, very useful though.

  • MNb

    Yes, I especially loved the “weasel isn’t a mammal” link too. I wish I had that read a few years ago, when I was falsely accused of an ad hominem by a closet creationist when I remarked that Craig defended genocide.
    Completely off-topic: your blog has improved immensely since August last year. I can’t say if your departure from ftb has anything to do with it – you know I already liked it. But I know that reading your stuff takes me much more time than back then, sometimes to ridiculous amounts of my precious spare time.

    • Chris Hallquist

      Huh. I know I’ve improved a lot over the course of my blogging career, but I wouldn’t expect the change to be noticeable after six months. I wonder if that’s a product of just having more time to work on the thing. Thanks though.