Animal harm reduction

Andrew Sullivan publishes an e-mail from ex-vegan Rhys Southan. Among other things, Southan explains:

I certainly don’t think there’s anything objectionable about trying to cause less harm, and I try to cause less harm myself. I don’t advocate factory farming, I buy my meat from small farms, I don’t often eat chicken or pig, and I avoid eating muscle meat in favor of eating the less popular offal.

I wish I knew of better guides to less-harmful animal-product consumption. I suspect the things Southan does all help, but this stuff can be counter-intuitive. How many people would guess that there’s a harm reduction argument for eating beef over chicken? Actually, as I understand it there’s a harm reduction argument for eating beef over eggs, which is the reason I gave up being a vegetarian. So count me very sympathetic to Southan’s position, I just wish it were easier to get information on how to do it right.

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