Beta testing a book: Chapter 6: The conflict between science and religion

Here you go. It’s basically a compilation of many of the blog post I’ve written this past month, but now you get to see what they look like combined together into a whole. For some reason, I found this chapter unusually frustrating to write, so I’m too sick of it to do a “highlights.” I feel like it still needs a lot of revising… but maybe it doesn’t. Tell me what you think.

  • MNb

    You’ll need to do some editing – “I talk about more examples in future posts” is rather silly. As I already have commented on the content I have focused on the structure here. It’s fine and you can leave it as it is, even if you decide to change the content after all. It doesn’t show at all that you thought it frustrating.
    Nah, simple and clear, that’s the way I like it: you announce you are going to show how science and religion can conflict and then proceed by presenting several important cases.

    • Chris Hallquist

      Gah! I tried to get things like that, missed that one.

  • Schaden Freud

    I’ll have to get back to you when I’ve had a proper read-through, but so far it seems very readable and engaging.