Beta testing a book: Chapter 7: There are no good arguments for the existence of God

Okay, here’s another round of revisions on my chapter titled, There are no good arguments for the existence of God, which, thanks to some rearranging/cutting of material from old chapters 6-8, is now chapter 7. Main changes from the previous version of the chapter are that I’ve changed my mind somewhat on Aquinas et al., and added a brief discussion of the ontological argument.

ETA – One specific thing I want feedback on: I decided that the chapter was long enough in the version you see here, so I ended up spending less time than initially planned berating people for wasting everyone’s time by doing something other than actually arguing for the existence of God. And mostly I think I did an adequate job of doing that as-is.

But a side-effect of that is that I cut my rebuttal to Ed Feser. Which part of me likes, because Feser’s shtick is all about complaining that people don’t pay enough attention to him, which is behavior I don’t want to reward by paying attention to him. On the other hand, Feser has been pretty successful in drawing attention to himself, which some people mistake for his having something worthwhile to say, so maybe I should correct them.

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