Looking for help turning my first book into an ebook

After mulling over a few different options, I’ve decided t make my first book available as a free ebook. There, I said it. And in fact, I have a PDF that I theoretically could make available right now… but I want to make some changes first.

In particular, I want to remove a few things like the logo of my former publisher, add a new preface (using the same font, heading style, etc. as the original), and ideally make it available not just in PDF but also EPUB and mobi. These are things I might be able to do myself, but I want to make sure they’re done right–my initial experiments with using free software to convert PDFs into mobi definitely did not turn out right.

If you’re willing to help, leave a comment with how I can get in touch with you online, or send me an e-mail me (Google username: challquist). I’ll be able to send you the current PDF, picture files for the cover art, InDesign files, etc.

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