Many Christians still think Africans are descended from Noah’s evil son Ham

Libby Anne has a post titled “Is Creationism Racist?” which I don’t really have anything to add to, except that I think she buries the lede:

I was taught, and Answers in Genesis teaches, that Africans are the descendants of Ham, that Europeans are the descendants of Japheth, and that Asians and Middle Easterners are the descendants of Shem. I’m not surprised, then, to learn that some public school classrooms in Texas are using creationist textbooks that contain the following image:

Libby Anne then quotes the story in Genesis where Ham sees his father Noah naked, and is cursed to be his brothers’ slave for it. She notes how this was used in the obvious way to justify slaver.

I had heard about the Texas textbook thing just recently. Before that, I knew that the thing about  Christians interpreting Ham’s descendants as Africans, but hadn’t realized that that was something any modern Christians, even fundamentalists, embraced. Even then, I wouldn’t have guessed that Ken Ham and other “blame racism on evolution” types would go for this interpretation. I’m speechless.

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