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The scientific study of prayer

Previously: What good evidence for the supernatural would look like [Read more…]

Korean kindergartners say the darnedest things

A friend of mine just posted this on Facebook: [Read more…]

What good evidence for the supernatural would look like

This post was written for my series on science and religion, and incorporates material from previous posts as well as the current draft of chapter seven of the book. [Read more…]

Debate formats and the burden of proof

One response from Christians to my post arguing that William Lane Craig should never again be allowed to speak first in his debates is that he should always speak first because he takes the affirmative in debates. However, it’s been difficult to find any atheists who think this is a good idea (see my comment about Jeff [Read More…]

A bizarre response from Randal Rauser

Randal Rauser has a response to my response to his response to this post. Well, sort of, because my post was about the question of whether Craig misrepresented Harris, and Randal ignores that issue in favor of criticizing Harris’ moral views and accusing me of having misrepresented Craig. I think commeter RobMcCune gets this issue [Read More…]

On Jesus’ political views (probably not what you think)

We can’t know for sure what Jesus thought of politics, but I have a pretty good guess. [Read more…]

A challenge for William Lane Craig’s defenders

This post is sort-of repeating the point I made here, but I got thinking about it again reading some of the Christian responses to this post. Many Christian defenders of William Lane Craig seem unable to wrap their heads around the idea that Craig might “win” (an ambiguous word that I prefer to avoid) his [Read More…]

Why they should really rename the second half of the Middle Ages

So a couple of my friends on Facebook shared a article titled, “6 Ridiculous Myths About the Middle Ages Everyone Believes.” I clicked on it, and immediately noticed the first item, “Scientific Progress Was Dead,” wasn’t exactly a myth. Here’s what the article says: [Read more…]

Next up: science and religion

This is something I haven’t done in nearly half a year, but I’ve decided to try it again: writing a chapter of the book by making each section a blog post. In this case, for the specific purpose of rewriting the discussion of science that I’ve been agonizing over. Here it goes. [Read more…]