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Blaise Pascal was an antisemite

You’ve probably heard of Blaise Pascal, whether because of his work in mathematics and physics, or because of Pascal’s Wager (the “believe in God just in case so you don’t go to Hell”) argument. What you many not know is that the Pensées, famous for being the source of the Wager, are also pretty damn [Read More…]

Following the argument where it leads ≠ believing everything you hear (even when accompanied by an argument)

The very last section of my first book (which I swear I will try to make available as an ebook very soon) tells readers to basically go out and research the issue for themselves and reach their own conclusions. Part of me worried about that part of the book, worries that it comes off as [Read More…]


New Year’s resolutions are cliche. But I’ve read that studies have shown publicly committing to doing something makes it significantly more likely that you’ll actually do it. So I’m going to make a few non-cliche declarations that I don’t think are two unrealistic to keep: [Read more…]

I still don’t understand Paul’s views on salvation (Bible tweets)

Previously in the series: Genesis and Exodus, Leviticus through Deuteronomy, Joshua through Psalms, Proverbs through Song of Songs, Isaiah through Ezekiel, Daniel through Malachi, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. My tweeting my way through the Bible project is almost finished. All that’s left are Hebrews, James, some forgeries few people care about, and Revelation. There are a lot of things I could talk [Read More…]

Andrew Sullivan moves to metering his content

This is interesting. Andrew Sullivan is ditching advertising for a new business model: [Read more…]

Happy New Year!

I just want to say… wow. [Read more…]