Does Craig’s hypocrisy know no bounds? (the Craig-Rosenberg debate)

I was going to make my next post on the Craig-Rosenberg debate about the problem of evil, but then I listened to what Craig had to say about the problem of evil in his first rebuttal, and wow:

I noticed that in Dr. Rosenberg’s opening speech he didn’t really present many arguments against the reasonableness of belief in God. He gestured in the direction of  the problem of evil, but he didn’t really develop it. (from the 54:37 mark)

Arguments based on controversial premises, never really developed… that’s a perfect description of all eight of Craig’s arguments from his opening statement. Rosenberg, at least, had the excuse that he was juggling responding to Craig’s arguments as well as stating his own. Craig, on the other hand, just made a decision to go for quantity over quality.